About Linda

linda_337_thumbLinda Michelle’s attraction to fashion and entertainment began early in life; it was hard to avoid growing up in New York.  After graduating high school, Linda found herself on stage and in the wardrobe department of the famed Atlantic Theater Company.  It was here, working in both capacities, that she first realized that fashion and entertainment walk harmoniously hand-in-hand.  Linda was hooked.


After finishing her theatrical studies and obtaining her cosmetology license, Linda attended The Fashion Institute of Technology where she honed her design skills and used those skills to create her own handbag company, “Diversa e Unica.”  After a successful three years with that company, Linda put that dream on hold to chase another and made the move to Los Angeles with aspirations on becoming a premiere on-camera host.


For the past three years, Linda has studied her craft, always keeping a keen eye toward blending entertainment and fashion.  Her natural talent, hard work and wealth of experience has led to her latest venture: a blog entitled “Purses and Shoes: ‘saved by purses and shoes…’”  Located at PursesAndShoes.net, this site will blend fashion, social media and contain her own web series, “Confessions of an Accessory Snob” in which she interviews some of the industry’s top fashion bloggers and online celebrities.