“At the Midnight Hour!”

By Linda Michelle — August 15, 2013

Ah to state, “At the midnight hour.”  What a phrase to cover all types of mayhem. Although the hour I state is yet not an hour of time, but the hourglass bodies gracing carpets of chic parties in deep blue hues. Midnight blue shades and navy just look stunning on everyone. Whether you fall into a category of a winter, spring, summer, or fall…you can find navy blue in every seasons swatches of color. Geez, do they even still do color draping? How retired is that? Oops sorry, that was so late 80’s of me.  I remember my Aunt draping me in swatches when I was very young, and telling me what colors I should wear through what season I am.  Does anyone even do that anymore? I was so young and obsessed with her fashion career.  It’s easy to drape yourself in colors while shopping and see what looks good with your skin tone. The lighting in stores is on the harsh side, so what you see is what get. Now let’s get back to the midnight hour! Whether you will wear a midnight blue cotton jersey dress, a couture handbag, leather jacket, flowing gown, or a tee shirt…you have entered the midnight hour of what is hot right now!  So dress fun and responsively. Start with blue undergarments from Top Shop, embellishment accessories from Swarovski, and midnight blue attire from you favorite store. Please remember to mix your shades of midnight, cobalt, and teal blues. Phew!  Now that is some serious blues! Oh, If I could only sing the blues! Sexy! sequin-dress-from-smirnoff-vodka-commercial

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