Bag Lady!

By Linda Michelle — January 17, 2014

Have you ever felt that when your bag is a mess, your life is a mess? When I say mess, I mean just plain old messy with no organization. Of course I am not implying that any of us can be a hot mess, never.  We all have our moments. I am constantly switching purses and always making sure I do not forget any of my necessities.  Why do we need so many things in our bags? Before we evolved as a society we were hunters and gatherers. This is just a funny way to look at why we carry around so many things.  I cannot state that this is a true fact, but I do have a point.  Women love shop, no mater what it is for!  If it is in our budget, we can literally shop till we drop! Shopping is like gatheringit is task we do to make ourselves content on our personality and appearance. We hunt for the perfect attire! We gather tons of things until we find what appeals to us. So the Hunt and Gathering is on ladies. Happy Shopping.

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