Break up Shoes

By Linda Michelle — January 26, 2014

I spent most of my time in my past breaking up with boys for good reason of course.  We all have to go through the bad ones to meet the perfect one.  Now I am married to a handsome prince and do not have to worry about retail therapy to the extreme. Unless I have a bad day, a little shopping never hurts.  Let us face the facts that shoes make women feel better when we are down in the dumps.  There was a point when I had a new boyfriend every six months. Sounds terrible, but let me explain.  After breaking off a serious relationship that lasted for too many years, I bought my first pair of breakup shoes.  That didn’t really solve my issues, so I went right out the following week to buy another.  I proceeded to buy shoes until the next man I dated came along.  This became what  what was known to me as the sixth month curse.  My best friend, Daniella, brought this genius understanding to my attention.  I dated and fell hard at first thinking this one was the perfect man for me.  Then, six months later I was over it and on a shoe shopping spree.  I happen to tell the next guy about my shopaholic problems and made a little joke about break up shoes.  That joke stuck, let me tell you. Every time I had a pair of shoes on he didn’t recognize he freaked out.  As he should of.  Needless to say, he wasn’t the one for me and nor the next.  At this point I was hoarding shoes into my father’s garage due to lack of space in my NYC apartment.  My own father got a serious kick out of the break up shoe saga.  All those shoes are now long gone. Passed off to some beauties I know with the perfect size six, except for one pair of beautiful camel colored suede boots from Michael Kors.  I wore them today with pride, remembering all the things I have conquered in my past making me who I am today.  I take pride in my shoes and myself at all times.  So, if your feeling down in the dumps due to some doucheUnknown diddler treating you like crap, GO BUY A PAIR OF NEW SHOES!  I promise, those new babies will make you smile till your next paycheck comes along!

With love always,


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