DIY Queen Kier Mellour of

By Linda Michelle — July 13, 2013

Meet Kier Mellour of

This beautiful lady is the Queen of DIY’s for shoes especially! She makes the most common fashion attire into high end runway stoppers! Turning a boring pair of shoes into some Jimmy Choo inspired or Gucci replicas is inexpensive, sexy, and easy with her expertise. With haute couture constantly surrounding us, all we want to do is revamp our wardrobe.  So, skip shopping and spending your hard earned money! Get inspired! By the time you are finished you will feel like a professional stylist.  Do it yourself fashion is much further noticed then any other mass produced article of attire. Get out of that plain black and white box and start seeing color . By adding just a few unique details you can revamp anything. Of course some shoe projects are more detailed then others, but one great trip to the fabric store is just what you need. I suggest Mood Fabrics where everything is easily accessible. You can take any pair of shoes through season to season just with some new design ideas. Be chic and do it yourself.  Follow Kier at and check out Kier’s interview on “Confessions of an Accessory Snob!” MM-casual-6


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