Makeup Junk in the Trunk

By Linda Michelle — February 05, 2014

Here is a list of my makeup essentials.  I do not leave the house without most of them in my bag.  These key beauty tips will keep your face looking bright and fresh throughout the day.  The basics are always easy and all you need is a pop of color.  Now, lets talk products.  Remember when concealing dark circles you need a peachy concealer.  The wrong shade will actually make those dark circles into rain clouds under your eyes.  I am a blush whore!  Excuse my boldness, but I am!  I hate to see a naked cheek.  Moving right along to you eyebrows which are key to defining you face naturally.  Be careful with the brow,  you want to stay in you correct shade and not over do it.  I beg all of you to be brow conscious.  If you are not sure what I am referring to, go ahead and goole some images. Mr. Google never lies.  There is no reason to try and hide your natural beauty.  We are all beautiful in our own ways.  There is no perfection,  just individual appeal.  Too much of anything is always a bad call.  Especially in the makeup department.  Here are some great everyday makeup routine products.

Eye concealer :  I have been using Christian Dior, Dior Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer for years.  It is a long wearing product that will keep you eyes looking awake. I use it everyday with or without foundation.  Best for under eyes, blemish coverage and an all around brightener. When I go for a heavier look and need more concealing, I double layer with Bobby Brown or MAC.  This takes care of my dark circle situation.

Foundation: When I use a liquid, I stick to Nars Sheer Glow. It is my latest liquid obsession.  On a normal day, I sweep Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation for fast and easy flawless look.

Blush: I love all of Bobby Brown Blush.  My favorite is Apricot, it looks fabulous on all skin types. Also my new love of Edward Kess, Bed of Roses.

Eye Liners: Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner. The bomb in every color.

Brow Crayons: There are so many I have used in the past. At the moment my favorite is  Smashbox brow tech to go. It’s creamy and angled for perfect application. It only comes in two colors, yet matches skin tones and hair well.

Mascara: I am a mascara snob. The snob of all mascara snobs! Guerlain is the way to go. Double ended for Goddess like lashes. I also like Chantecaille, rose water based keeps the bacteria out and lasts forever. If your on a budget please stick to Great Lash Blackest Black.  I have used it on many shoots and it never flakes.

Lip essentials: I love a bight lip. I cannot give you any specific brands. I use them all. I am best known to wear MAC’s brights. I do love YSL,  Rouge Pur Couture!  I wore them on all my wedding festivities and once swimming where it lasted all day.  Good times!

Shadows:  Find a good palette combination that can turn your day eye into night. Mark Jacobs and YSL are known for a perfect color array.

These are just some staple products to have in your makeup bag.  I hope you enjoyed.  Happy Makeup Junkie Shopping!  If you have any questions of comments, feel free to contact me.  images-5



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