On the Fringe…Giuseppe Zanotti vs. Steve Madden

By Linda Michelle — July 24, 2013

I am not going to lie and tell you I spend a lot of money on high end expensive shoes.  I do love them, but I cannot afford them on a regular basis. The last pair of expensive shoes I have bought have been my wedding shoes. Giuseppe Zanotti embellished princess shoes! I have worn them twice after our wedding. The point here is the difference between a high end shoe and it’s lower version. From embellishment, to studs, right to the fridge. Steve Madden has put out over the knee boots called “Badges” last year. I purchased a pair and just love to wear them with short floral dresses and cute shorts with a tee. Let us get back to the obsession of expensive shoes. Giuseppe Zanotti, who I love and adore, just put out a similar shoe with an open toe. His “Africa” line that you need to explore on his site. The whole line is fabulous and unique in the Giuseppe way. But, it’s the same boot basically with a different shank. The term “On the Fringe” is an original golf term, yet I added it to my fashion vocabulary. Fashion terms do go out of style fast these days. Usually the reinvention of a shoe comes after the couture shoe has been seen on the runway. In this case, hats off to Steve Madden for making this design first. The fringe will never be outdated. Our fashion sense has been revamped to the extreme. So please dare to be yourself and wear what makes you comfortable, free, and daring!

Giuseppe Zanotti open toe Fringe Boot (Left)

UnknownSteve Madden Badges Fringe (Right)44480874CK_13_f-1

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