Street Wear Chic and Sexy Layers!

By Linda Michelle — January 30, 2014

I have to tell you that living in Los Angeles has made me more comfortable with my choice of every day clothing.  Growing up in New York always kept my fashion level up, but the weather did not always agree with my attire.  My ideal street style never had cooperation with the weather back east. Unless, it was the beautiful months of spring and fall.  So what to do in the frigid NYC weather?  Layer it up baby, but in the sexiest way possible.  Thinner layers are fun to keep adding on top of, as long as you do not start to appear like a stuffed sausage.  Or even feel like one for that matter.  Pants, skirts, boots, thigh high socks, sweaters, scarves, hats, faux fur trims, more and galore!  The best thing about fashion today is there is not a style that will make you out of place.  We are so diverse and unique in our on ways, constantly expressing ourselves through our choice articles of clothing.  Where else do we go from here?  We layer!  Yes to stay warm in the freezing cold, but to look super chic as well!  Street wear is easy to achieve, but be cautious of not turning into rag doll.  Shorts in the winter?  Why not?  Just put some leggings under them or printed heavy tights; a thick cable sweater and some statement pieces.  Just when you thought you had nothing to wear, you actually have more to rock. So take those plain old pants and dresses and start layering. Your body is your temple so treat it that way.  But, your body is your hanger when it comes to some layering!  See you all in NYC when I am freezing my touchy off! xoxoStradivarius reopens its Ion Orchard outlet

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