Sweat Shop in the Land of Haute Couture comes to an end.

By Linda Michelle — August 07, 2013

It is unfortunate to have such a unique store in Paris come to a close. Shop owners Sisi Holleis and Martena Duss are onto their next big project. If you were not familiar with sweat shop, it was a magical place where singer sewing machines replaced computers and fashion designers as well as creative new artists payed by the hour to sew their own attire.  I was hoping their next project would be a store like this in the United States.  Fact has it, that these ladies were actually helping an economic crisis in France when unemployment was high.  Instead of consumption, people were recycling and saving.  This shop was the perfect way for beginners to really get themselves moving creatively to work on projects. Plus, there was a team of ateliers to help you sew your designs. You are probably wondering why I am talking about old news. Well, the shop just closed last month and I guarantee these ladies have something fabulous in the works.  So follow them with their next adventure. We all know that Mr. Google never lies, so it will be easy to keep a tab on Sisi and Martena.  Peace, Love, and Sewing!  Au Revoir

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