Sweating it Out

By Linda Michelle — July 28, 2014

Who doesn’t love to rock their sweat attire. Remember the Juicy Couture phase. They have definitely expanded their collection of comfy trendy day wear.  I love to wear heels and couture clothes, but this pregnancy has me craving sweat attire and not ice cream or pickles.  But, whats the risk you can take when always wearing such relaxing clothes?  You can easily look like a slob if not worn fashionably.  They may be comfortable,  but there are certain people in the business world that will look at you different or maybe not even respect you fully in a normal work environment.  A person of high status is always dressed to impress, whatever their outfit of the day.  You can always just wear whatever you like.  Depending on your environment and work position, an outfit can make or break you.  The sweat craze will always be around though, so check out these fun casual sites to up your sweat suit game.

Sabo Skirt    Shopping Bare   Zara 

“Don’t talk a lot if you have high status. People will assume you’re competent and when you talk, they will listen to you.”  No matter what you are wearing! 



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