The Holy Grail of Pieces!

By Linda Michelle — March 13, 2014

images-6There are only certain pieces in a wardrobe that can be considered to be in your Holy Grail collection.  The question you have to ask yourself is how you will select these items.  You need to find an imaginary, timeless boutique to find key items you will have in your wardrobe.  Think of  yourself as a super villain while shopping. That always makes dressing more fun.

A trench coat is timeless and seductive in it’s own way.  You will reflect your own personal style just like it’s long association with the stars.  It will definitely bring out your “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” side.  Thomas Burberry created what is now the best patent around. With photogenic architectural lines, you will feel A list status.

This year holds the 40th anniversary of DVF’s iconic wrap dress. If you are in LA area, definitely go see the exhibit at the LACMA.  It is free and fabulous!  This is one holy grail of a piece.  It is the  signature wrap dress that launched to fame in the ’70s.  Her prints are bold, airy jersey dresses and always flattering. They are ready-to-wear statements that make you feel confident day through evening. They are the essence of your modern wardrobe.

Stopping grounds of the holy grail contain a pair Frye boots. These babies have been a long part of history.  Worn by soldiers on both sides of the civil war, soldiers in the Spanish-America war, and for Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders.  Just a fun cool fact.  Today the classic Harness Boot holds a place in American culture.  The original Frye boot will always be in demand, yet tweaked with more of a bulky toe and chunky heel look.  The quality is timeless and also lasts forever.  Just take it from our fashion history facts!

Everyone already knows about the little black dress. so find the perfect fit. Try Banana Republic, Express, BCBG, or up the game to Herve Leger.

These items are not to be worn with each other, they are prime additions to your signature style.  Women create for themselves.  Remember that.  As always, Happy shopping!


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