The Virgin Market

By Linda Michelle — September 19, 2013


When you think there is nothing new in your closet…look ahead. The fashion market is a complete virgin. If this sounds strange to you, it it because it is the market’s first time to do anything drastic. But, what can we do? Each era and season has warped itself into to something of the time today. We all get wow’d at new trends on the runway because they are all new stunning trends. But, if you look closely things have been done and done again. Yet we all are still wow’d! Why is this? If you are on the fashion frontier, you know you can mix anything with anything due to this factor. Most and all of us get confused on what to do with things that might be out of date in our closet. So now what? Check your fashion blogs, your magazine tutorials and each and every site you follow! I bet you will find answers to all your  overwhelming closet problems. Get rid of anything that is not a staple item and cannot be worn again due to quality.  Remember, you are you own entity and can do what you feel and what you like. Wear your items how you feel despite what anyone says or things. You can mix whatever you want with anything you think at that moment…. And then you have a mirror to double check your mix and matches. After all…you know that was what  the runway was made for!  Be inspired and as bold as those you  follow on social media to fashion icons.  Fashion is easy when you have your own style!

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